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What to pack for vacation on beach

How to Pack For Vacation at Beach?

Vacations are always exciting for all of us and what could be better that spending our days on the beach? Experts say vacations at the coast are best for our health since they are the main source of revitalizing. But being a girl, the big question is, what type of clothes and accessories to put in the suitcase? So, here is your answer to this question.

Well, first of all, you do not want to over pack your suitcase because the idea is to travel light and easy so that you can make the best out of these days, make sure you are only packing what is necessary and quantity should also be limited.


Breezy clothes are always the best idea if you want to cover up and avoid direct sunlight, cotton t-shirts and loose trousers are your friends then but having a nice flared maxi either short or long in your suitcase is even better since it looks very stylish and is easy to carry.


The first thing that comes to mind is over-sized floppy hats which will give you girlish look and are also necessary to keep your face safe from direct exposure to UV rays. You should also pack some colorful beaded jewelry, especially necklace and bracelets to make you look chicer.


Flip flops are most famous for beach wear; you should also pack a stylish sandal as an alternate, and there should also be a pair of comfortable wedges we wear on breakfasts and lunches.


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