Submit ICO

We can advertise your ICO in the following ways.

Offer 1 to advertise your ICO:

You can have a place at, sticky or banner ad for 2 months. Our price will be 150 USD and 2000 coins of your ICO. 

Offer 2 to advertise your ICO:

We can write an introduction about your ICO and can add in our monthly upcoming ICO’s list and add the link in our 10 highest traffic gaining articles in the first paragraph at Our price will be 350 USD for this.

Offer 3 to advertise your ICO:

We can write an introduction for your ICO and can give you the permanent do follow bank link. Our price will be 100 USD for this. 

Offer 4 to advertise your ICO:

We can just add your ICO in the upcoming Monthly ICO’s List. Our Price will be 50 USD for this.

Payment Methods: 

We accept transfer via western union, Bitcoin’s (coinbase exchange rate), and Paypal. 

Process: Please email us at with your offer, and we will get back to you in 24 hours. Thanks

If you need any other service or want to discuss in detail, you can contact at our email Thanks and good day. 🙂