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Eth.PP.ua Pool Review – Cryptocurrency Mining Pool Review 2018

Eth.PP.ua Pool Introduction

Eth.PP.ua is a stable and transparent pool which allows fair Ethereum mining. It offers 1% fee that is low average mining fee. It has a PPLNS and props time system for the pay-outs. The server’s location of the Eth.PP.ua pool in Europe.

Eth.PP.ua Pool Features

Eth.PP.ua offers several features that attract people towards the Eth.PP.ua.

  1. It offers 1% low mining fee
  2. The mining pool is available 24/7
  3. It offers full stratum support
  4. Its customer support is available 24/7
  5. Supports Ethereum coins only
  6. Real-time PPLNs payout schemes
  7. Secure pool
  8. Europe based mining pool

Eth.PP.ua Pool Review

Eth.PP.ua is one of the pools of the biggest mining network. It only supports Ethereum cryptocurrency. Eth.PP.ua offers low mining fee which is 1%, and it is low as compared to other mining pools. The official web address of the Eth.PP.ua is www.Eth.PP.ua.co. On the official website, a user will come across some features including Statistics, Support, Forum Threads, Charts, Miners Stats, and how to mine? In Pool Stats a full description of the miners, the hash rate is available. The total active miners of the Eth.PP.ua are 250. The active workers of Eth.PP.ua are 353. The current block number is 5320360 means they established several blocks up till now. Eth.PP.ua fully supports Stratum server. The server protected against the DDoS. The security is the concern of the Eth.PP.ua. It also offers miner statistics. It provides pools stats in the form of charts like a hash-rate graph, active miner’s graph, active workers graph, and block price graph. If you are new, then Eth.PP.ua will not haunt you because its support is available about how to mine with Eth.PP.ua.  Moreover, if the user wants to submit his request, he can contact the Eth.PP.ua by clicking on the support button. A miner can get access to the forums and threads of the Eth.PP.ua for help and notifications from the mining pool. The location of the server is in Europe.

Eth.PP.ua Pool Customer Service

The customer support of the Eth.PP.ua Pool is brief. A user can get access to the support of the Eth.PP.ua in case of any questions. Furthermore, the home page of the mining pool has information about the questions answered by the Eth.PP.ua under the tab of “How to mine.” So, a user can click on the how to start mining tab and continue with the Eth.PP.ua. But still, if a user has any queries, then he can contact the support of the Eth.PP.ua. When a user clicks on the “support” tab outlook will open. A user has to create an account on the outlook to continue with the Eth.PP.ua after creating an account on outlook after that a user can contact the Eth.PP.ua and submit his question. Moreover, a user can get help from the “forum and threads” section of the Eth.PP.ua. This section contains the links to four most notable forums about the mining poos. So, a user can get help from these forums. The support of the Eth.PP.ua is available 24/7. Its support is available in two different languages.

Frequently Asked Questions about Eth.PP.ua Pool

List of Cryptocurrencies which can be mined by Eth.PP.ua Pool?

Eth.PP.ua supports only Ethereum from the cryptocurrency options.

Does registration is required for Eth.PP.ua Pool?

No, registration is not necessary for mining with Eth.PP.ua Pool.

What is a fee charged by Eth.PP.ua Pool?

Eth.PP.ua pool offers low average mining fee of 1%.

What’s Minimum Payout of Eth.PP.ua Pool?

The minimum payout at Eth.PP.ua pool is 0.1 Eth.

What’s difficulty level of Eth.PP.ua Pool?

The difficulty level at Eth.PP.ua pool is variable.

Is mining Profitable with Eth.PP.ua Pool?

The mining at Eth.PP.ua pool is profitable as Eth.PP.ua and Ethereumpool are under the same administration, and they only support Ethereum mining. That’s why the mining at Eth.PP.ua is profitable.

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