10 Best Litecoin Mining Pools Comparisons 2018 (Updated)


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Litecoin Mining Pools – Introduction

Before dwelling on top ten Litecoin Mining pools; it is important to understand the concept of Litecoin Mining pool first. Litecoin Mining Pools encompasses a decentralized, shared system which is used to transfer payment starting with one person to another, Litecoin capacities like Bitcoin from multiple points of view. Like Bitcoin, Litecoin too is not controlled by a specific person or an association. Also, they are accessible to be purchased or sold at virtual cryptographic money trades and convey a fiscal esteem that increases and abate with time.

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Unlike Bitcoin, Litecoin too has power. There are 21 Million Bitcoins, Litecoin rise up to 84 Million. While Bitcoins keep running on the SHA-256 Algorithm, Litecoin makes use of the Script calculation for evidence of-work hashing. Litecoin has been around since 2011 and is one of the most established and most presumed cryptographic forms of money in the business sectors.

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Litecoin Wallets

Wallets are like a ledger on the off chance that you contrast it and this present reality. Every client who expects to mine Litecoin must have a Litecoin mining wallet. These wallets accompany an open key and a private key. General society key resembles your financial balance number, which you provide for people who plan to pay you cash. At that point, there’s likewise the private key – which resembles your mark which you use to confirm exchanges. While the open key is protected to be offered out to clients, your private key must be personal to you.


Top Litecoin Mining Pools


Mining pools are a group of miners who share their rewards in a donation to their mining hash power contribution. There are several mining pools related to cryptocurrencies. Here we will discuss the top mining pools of Litecoin only.


List of Pools

SNo Name
   1 Give Me Coins
   2 Coinotron
   4 Litecoinpool.org
   5 F2POOL
   6 LTCMiner
   7 CryptoWorld
   8 HashFaster


Give Me Coins

Give Me Coin is one of the small Litecoin mining pool but it is currently donating 16 GH/s to the network of mining pools. The average mining fee at Give me coins is 1% which is low as compared to other mining pools. Its servers are available in Europe and America. It also offers Auto Threshold payouts. So, Give meCoins mining pool is a reliable and secure mining pool.

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Coinotron is one of the world largest mining pool of Litecoin and first mining pool that offer to mine in multi-coins. Solo mining is very difficult, nearly impossible. Only big miners with tons of ASIC/GPU cards have a chance of creating stand-alone blocks in a single day. Whereas average miners wait for months to find a block, the only possible alternative is to work with other miners. So, Coinotron supports that combined effort and invite all miners to join Coiotron. For each new block generated in Coinotron Pool, they get a certain amount of coins for it. Next, the pool split the coins between miners equivalently to the amount of the work delivered using several methods of reward systems.

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The LE6ORIAMKX pool is one of the interesting Litecoin mining pool. There is not much information available about this particular pool, but some Reddit users said that this pool allows a single miner for lots of hardware. LE6ORIAMKX pool represents 146 GH/s of hashing power.


Litecoinpool created in 2011 and its one of the LTC mining pool with no fees. It allows miners to mine Litecoin. It also allows to mine in seven other cryptocurrencies that converted into Litecoins. Its servers are available in Europe and the USA.


F2pool is a world’s famous pool. Its user interface is available in three different languages. Recently, F2pool changed the user-interface of their mining pool, and now it is simple to use and understand. F2pool is known as a Discus Fish because of its symbol. It is a Chinese platform that allows mining in several cryptocurrencies. The average mining fee at F2pool is quite high.

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LTCMiner is one of the leading Litecoin mining pool. LTCMiner provides its services in the Cloud. Physical miners power all the mining power at LTCMiner. Mining with latest algorithms allows the users to make much more LTC. They aim to offer the users easiest possible way to make money without doing any heavy stuff.


CryptoWorld.com is one of the leading pool of the LTC cryptocurrency. It presents Wall Street and the internet of money. Cryptoworld is a platform where leading blockchain experts, investment professionals, funds, and exchanges discuss the crypto assets and their impact on the financial market. CryptoWorld is a big network, and CryptoWorld mining pool is one of the projects of this organization.


HashFaster is a mining pool that offers anonymous mining. No registration is not necessary they paid in the form of currency they mine. A miner can use its wallet address as the username. A user can get automatic payouts after every 2 hours. Some coins take some time for their first payout so, take at least 6 hours before contacting the support of the HashFaster Pool.


The other two pools are removed from the list, as they stopped mining.

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