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the shaw prize

World Award Series – Read about ‘The Shaw Prize’

If you are brilliant and have done some groundbreaking research in Medical Science, Astronomy or Mathematics and still could not win the Nobel race, please do not get disappointed, for the world is full of good people. Run Run Shaw lived in China from 1907 to 2014. His contributions to Chinese television and entertainment industry, academia and in the promotion of art, festivals and charity are cherishable. The Shaw Prize was founded in 2002, and it promises no discrimination of nationality, caste, creed, and color. The winner takes away a handsome amount of 1.2 million US dollars along with a medal. The medal is inscribed on the back side with the following words of the famous Chinese thinker, Xun Zi: “Grasp the law of nature and make use of it.” Verily, the discoveries in the fields of mathematics, astronomy, and biosciences are bringing about a galactic revolution.


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