Reports show that the UK have imposed a restriction on conveying tablets as a component of cabin luggage on Britain-bound traveler flights from six Muslim-majority countries. The prohibition is expected to cover around 14 aircraft that work non-stop flights from major Muslim nations- Turkey, Lebanon, Jordan, Egypt, Tunisia, and Saudi Arabia.

Under the new plans, travelers boarding flights to the UK from the affected countries won’t be permitted to take any telephones, portable PCs or tablets bigger than an ordinary estimated versatile or cell phone (Length: 16.0 cm, Width: 9.3cm, Depth: 1.5cm) into the lodge of the plane.

The affected British airlines cut across; British Airways, Easy-Jet, Jet2.com, Monarch, Thomas Cook, and Thomson. Other international airlines affected by the new restriction include; Turkish Airlines, Middle East Airlines, Egyptair, Royal Jordanian, Tunis Air, and Saudia.

Why UK Bans laptop, tablet in cabin on flights

Sources revealed that the need to strengthen the security of the traveling public, from a major inclusive part of the new prohibition. British Prime Minister Theresa reveals “The wellbeing and security of the populace are our topmost concern. That is the reason we hold our flight security under steady audit and set up measures we accept are vital, successful and proportionate.”

According to US Media sources, the ban was announced for security reasons. The ban was sparked by Intelligence suggesting Islamic State has been developing ways to hide explosives in laptops. Just as the response to the 2006 plot involving liquid explosives was to ban everyone from carrying shampoo and bottled water onto planes, so the reaction to this potential threat has been to remove any devices that might make a long-haul flight bearable.

However, there’s one detail about the ban that doesn’t quite fit. The ban on large electronics only affects nine airlines, and notably, excludes flights by US carriers. You can stay glued to your laptop for the entire duration of a flight from Doha to New York, as long as you’re flying with a US airline. This makes no sense at all. If “IS” terrorists really are plotting to hide explosives in laptops, wouldn’t they just book flights with US airlines?

The department for Homeland Security also supported the claim and certain revelations were made; “evaluated intelligence” indicated that terrorist groups “continue to target commercial aviation and are aggressively pursuing innovative methods to undertake their attacks, to include smuggling explosive devices in various consumer items.”

Lastly, travelers who want to use a laptop or kindle in one of the affected destinations can either arrange for it to be delivered to their home by post or pack it in a checked bag in the hold. It is also important for passengers to contact their travel insurer before putting the expensive device in checked baggage, as many policies do not cover valuables placed in the hold. We hope that the new measure will depict the motive behind the agenda of ensuring maximum security on part of the travelers.


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