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How to Rock Ripped Jeans?

How to rock ripped jeans

Jeans is that one item in our closet that is super comfy and can be styled easily. We all love our jeans so much (that is a fact), and having it ripped from thighs or knees is even better as it gives us a little bit of more edge. Many …

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What to Wear On a Hiking Trip?

What to wear on a hiking trip

  Excited to embark on a hiking trip with friends? Well, you should be because hiking trips are very relaxing even though you will be doing a lot of physical activity like walking the long trails, climbing the rocks, passing through the forest, or catching a waterfall on the way, …

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Ecuadorian volcanoes Galápagos – World City Series

Ecuadorian Volcanoes

Sitting on a “Ring of fire” of an edge to active tectonic plates, Ecuador is a land of volcanoes. The Galapagos Islands are volcanic islands on the offshore. Two parallel chains of Andes, cross Ecuador- north to south, giving rise to dramatic peaks. This corridor of summits is popularly referred …

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What to Pack for A Road Trip?

Best things to pack for Road Trip

A road trip is what you need when planning your annual vacation or small getaway holidays. It is the best way to revitalize your life and relief stress; such trips are a great source to enjoy little things like culture and traditions, meeting new people, enjoying food from small shops, …

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How to Pack For Vacation at Beach?

What to pack for vacation on beach

Vacations are always exciting for all of us and what could be better that spending our days on the beach? Experts say vacations at the coast are best for our health since they are the main source of revitalizing. But being a girl, the big question is, what type of …

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What To Wear At A Dinner Date?

What to wear at a dinner date

Going to a dinner date for the first time is pretty much daunting experience as anxiety kicks in, especially if it is with this handsome guy who was your crush for so long and now you finally got a chance to go out with him and make a statement in …

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How to Rock Black Saree?

How to rock black saree

  Saree is one of that attires which can make you stand out in crowd if you carry it nicely, it automatically makes you more attractive and beautiful, whether it is a wedding, official get together, graduation ceremony, wedding anniversary or any other occasion, black saree is the best solution …

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