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How Namecoin transaction works?

NMC, as it is popularly called, has tons of advantages. It is censorship-resistant, allows you securely transfer arbitrary names (keys) and attach values (data up to 520 bytes) to the keys as a user, has its transactions confirmed in a separate blockchain database, and so much more.   While it …

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5 Best Namecoin Mining Pools of 2018 (Comparison)

What is Namecoin (NMC)? Namecoin (NMC) is a cryptocurrency that can keep data in its blockchain transaction database, guard against internet censorship, allows you create domain names and so much more. Namecoin, to this end, serves as both a cryptocurrency as well as a name creator of some sort. As …

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Top 7 Namecoin Exchanges of 2018 (Reviewed)

Namecoin Exchanges

What is Namecoin? Of the many cryptocurrencies available today, Namecoin is one of the biggest and fastest growing. There are only 21 million NameCoins available to be mined, and it is a cryptocurrency, and it is no surprise why. Interestingly, Namecoin wasn’t designed to be a currency. The original plan …

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What are Namecoins and .bit Domains? (Everything For 2018)

What is Namecoin

Introduction In this post, we will talk about ” What are Namecoins and .bit Domains? (All You Need to Know in 2018)”. Namecoin is a decentralized digital currency that uses Proof-of-Work calculation. The computerized payment has the farthest point of 21 Million Coins. Namecoin (NMC) can store the information on Blockchain …

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