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There are indeed many accounting and finance concepts that cannot be avoided even by a lay man. For a myriad of reasons, Equity is one of them. It is not one of those concepts that are known and used by only the professionals and specialized individuals; hence, its understanding is paramount.

What is a Private Equity Firm? (Private Equity Firms Operations)

Private Equity Firms What they really do

In this post, we will talk about “What is a Private Equity Firm” and How Private Equity Firms Operate”. Previously we discussed ” Types of Equity Shares” and “Pecking order theory“. What is Private Equity? The term ‘Private Equity,’ is one that developed much later in the world of business …

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5 Different Types of Equity Shares & Equity Shares Meaning

What are the different types of Equity

Equity Shares Meaning For a business to properly thrive, there has to be a proper balance of debt and Equity. Equity in the case of financing a business represents how a business is funded by investors. There are different types of Equity. Usually shown in the balance sheet or statement …

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