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There are indeed many accounting and finance concepts that cannot be avoided even by a lay man. For a myriad of reasons, Equity is one of them. It is not one of those concepts that are known and used by only the professionals and specialized individuals; hence, its understanding is paramount.

Can Equity shares be redeemed?

Redemption of shares simply involves the return of an investor’s principal or initial capital that had been kept in business. Where equity shares are concerned, there is proper need to have an understanding of the situation. Can you get your money back on your shares? Yes. But, not by way …

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How much power do you have as a shareholder?

How much power do you have as an equity shareholder

Investing in a company should mean more than collecting dividends for you as a shareholder. You having shares in a company, makes you a part of the company and an owner itself. As a shareholder, you legally have shares in the company as well as rights that accompany this shares. …

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What is Equity Financing and How it Works ?

How Equity financing works

Introduction: In this post, we will talk about ‘What is Equity Financing and How it Works’. One of the popular ways of raising finance for a business is Equity financing. For a business that wants to go really far, it has to make its shares public, seek investors, and finance …

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What is the Accounting Equation? (Accounting Equation Formula)

The accounting Equation

In this post, we will talk about “What is the accounting Equation”. Previously we discussed “Difference between Equity Financing and Debt Financing” and “How to Calculate Return on Equity“. Accounting Equation Explained Accounting in its entirety rests on the back if certain strong principles and practices. The foundation of these …

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Difference between Equity Financing and Debt Financing (Debt vs. Equity)

negative debt to equity

In this post, we will talk about “Difference between Equity Financing and Debt Financing”. Previously we discussed ” Negative Equity” and “How to calculate Return on Equity“. Debt vs. Equity Explained Raising capital for any business, usually involves either using personal finance, getting shareholders, or just obtaining debt. However, because …

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How to Calculate Return on Equity? (ROE Formula & ROE Meaning)

Why Return on Equity (ROE) is a necessary computation

In this post, we will talk about “ROE”. Previously we discussed “Negative Equity“. Return on Equity Definition Return on Equity is a ratio that shows the amount that shareholders of business would get from the company, as compared to the general net assets of the business. Return on Equity Formula …

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Negative Equity? How to Value a Company with Negative Equity?

Is there something like negative equity

In this post, we will talk about ”Negative Equity” and “How to value a company with negative Equity”. Previously we discussed “Stockholders Equity”, “Shareholders Equity“ and “Shareholder Equity Ratio“. What is Negative Equity? Equity is the contribution of the owners of a company with regards to financing it. Usually, compared to …

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What is Shareholder Equity Ratio? (Shareholder Equity Ratio Formula)

What the Shareholder Equity Ratio means for a business

In this post, we will talk about ” Shareholders Equity Ratio”. Previously we discussed “Stockholders Equity” and “Shareholders Equity“. Shareholders Equity Ratio – Introduction Ratios are essential for assessing the viability of the business. It shows the trends as well as the state of the business at any given time. This is …

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What is Stockholders Equity? (Stockholders Equity Formula)

What is stockholders equity

In this post, we will talk about “What is Stockholders’ Equity”. In our last post, we discussed ” What is a Private Equity Firm” and “Shareholders Equity“. What is Stockholders Equity Stockholders Equity or shareholders Equity represent the ways capital is raised by businesses in ways other than debt or …

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