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What are Bitcoins and Its Risks 2018

Check Out The Risks Associated With Bitcoin

What are Bitcoins – Explanation Bitcoin is a kind of currency created to address the problems associated with a centralized currency while doing in itself all that any centralized currency can. It is a decentralized currency. By a decentralized currency, we mean a currency that is not controlled by a …

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How to Choose a Bitcoin Mining Pool 2018

Things to consider when picking a bitcoin mining pool

How to Choose a Bitcoin Mining Pool  In the Bitcoin industry, mining is one of the important factors that have kept the digital currency in circulation. Bitcoin Mining Pool – (Cryptocurrency Miner – Bitcoin Miner) is some of the terms you really need to know If you want to trade …

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How to Buy Bitcoin – Trading Bitcoin for Beginners 2018

New to bitcoin Learn how to start trading quickly

How to Buy Bitcoin – Trading Bitcoin for Beginners Introduction Like wildfire, the popular acceptance of Bitcoin in the world has spread, cutting across almost every powerful country, even in Africa. The fact that it is easy to purchase, secure and exchange for fiat money in almost any currency currently, …

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Bitcoin Trading Guide & Strategies for Beginners 2018

Check out the top strategies used when trading bitcoin

Introduction Statistics show that the world’s first cryptocurrency, Bitcoin is increasing in its value. So you need to understand the top/best Bitcoin Trading Strategies. As the demand grows, Bitcoin has proven that t is indeed here to stay in the digital world and there is no sign of it stopping in …

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Top 10 Bitcoin Exchanges for 2018 (10 Options Reviewed)


Introduction The rise in the popularity of digital currency, Bitcoin has brought about the birth of several trading platforms. These platforms have helped to aid the buying and selling of Bitcoins. As the digital currency platforms are advancing, more features and security measures are frequently developed. This goes a long …

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