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Top10 Best Ethereum Mining Pools to Join 2018 (Comparison)

Ethereum Mining

Introduction In this post, we will talk about “10 Best Ethereum Mining Pools to Join 2018 (Comparison)”. Ethereum has already solidified its position as the next best cryptocurrency available. It has something the Bitcoin doesn’t have- a multipurpose blockchain. Ethereum as a digital currency is generated by mining, and this …

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Top 10 Best Litecoin Mining Pools Reviewed (Updated)


In this post, we will talk about “Litecoin Mining Pools”. In the previous post, we talked about “Will Litecoin be the next Bitcoin“. Litecoin Mining Pools Before dwelling on Litecoin Mining pools; it is important to understand the concept of Litecoin Mining first. Please see our complete guide about Litecoin …

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What is Ethereum? (History & Current Trends 2018)


Ethereum – Introduction Ethereum is a blockchain based distribution platform which also features smart contracts. It not only offers a cryptocurrency token, which is Ether, but it also presents a means of distributing services in a transparent way. It is an open source platform, meaning it is void of malware …

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What is Ether? (Technology/ History/ Current Trends 2018)


Ether – Introduction Currently regarded as the next Bitcoin, Ether is the unit of currency on the Ethereum network. The cryptocurrency system operates using a Blockchain technology, and this is the basis of its superiority to the traditional method of financial transactions. Just like its Bitcoin counterpart, it has its …

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Top 10 Best Bitcoin Faucets List (Free Bitcoin Faucet)


Highest Paying Bitcoin Faucet It seems like anyone who wants to have an increased number of users, either a site browser or game, offers Bitcoin. Bitcoin is simply attractive, and many people are ready to give their time to earn more of it. Actually, this so-called Bitcoin rush is pretty …

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10 Best Bitcoin Earning Sites 2018 (Free/ Paid – Comparison)


These days, Bitcoins can be earned by doing small tasks or for even having fun online. This digital currency is used for advertisements, many sites reward visitors in Bitcoins, in order to increase internet traffic. To earn money from these Bitcoin earning sites, no serious requirements are involved, all you …

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10 Best Bitcoin Exchanges 2018 (Comparison/ Reviews)


Introduction – Bitcoin Exchanges Bitcoin is valuable and very useful as a digital currency, and it has also become an object of investment. Today, there are many Bitcoin exchanges, from where bitcoin can be bought, sold or even traded just like stocks. Bitcoin exchanges serve as a vital part of …

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