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What are Options?

Today we are going to talk about Options and its different types, like call options and put options. Previously we talked about  Operations of Private Equity Firms, Negative Equity and Return on Equity. Options are derivatives of equity securities. While it is also an equity security in itself and traded on …

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What are Stock Warrants

Asides the normal equity instruments that are traded on the stock exchange, derivatives are also bought and sold. Derivatives are traded either on the stock market or offered by the companies themselves. One of such derivatives is the warrant. Usually offered by companies themselves, a warrant is a security that …

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5 Best Ways to Make Money Fast

how to make money fast

How to make money fast With the internet, there are unlimited ways or methods you could use to make money. The internet has made it so easy for people to make money online at a faster rate and get paid almost immediately! It takes determination to make good money online …

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5 Best Ways to Make Money Online

how to make money online

How to Make Money Online The advent of the internet has brought many advantages in which several people could take advantage of it. As the internet continues to evolve, people are now making money online. Earning money online has been made a lot easier as we now have several lucrative …

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8 Best Ways to Make Money

how to make money

How to Make Money In today’s modern world, making money has become a bit easier. As the world continues to evolve, a person can make money in so many ways. To make money offline takes determination, hard work, and persistence.  Just as more industries spring up, so those the way …

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What are the Different Types of Equity instruments ?

Types of Equity Instruments you should know about

Different Types of Equity instruments Owning Equity in any company or business confers on you a right of ownership on the business. For you to say you have Equity in any business, you must have an Equity instrument. Generally,  Equity instruments are the documents that serve as proof, evidence, or …

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What is Equity in the stock market?

What is Equity in the stock market

What is Equity in the Share market? The stock market is simply where securities are traded. Equity, on the other hand, refers to the investment ownership of an individual or company in business. The challenge with these two separate entities is that we tend to assume that the stock market …

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Can Equity shares be redeemed?

Redemption of shares simply involves the return of an investor’s principal or initial capital that had been kept in business. Where equity shares are concerned, there is proper need to have an understanding of the situation. Can you get your money back on your shares? Yes. But, not by way …

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