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How Company Manager should Prioritize Work Projects

How to prioritize company's projects

The company, in response to meeting its prime objective to maximize earnings, has to undertake several projects and undertakings which return a profit to the business as a whole. But for doing this, companies have to realize that which projects should be taken first and what should be its priority …

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Smart Fridges for Smart Homes

Smart fridges for smart homes

Technology around us is evolving continuously, including our cars, mobile phones, televisions, and watches, etc. Speaking of which, fridges are mostly seen as hardware that only has to stay in a single place at your home, and until now, fridges were the least tech-savvy products that could only keep your …

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Tech Series – Video Blogs (Vlogs)

Video Blogs_Vlogs

Vlogs are becoming increasingly popular nowadays. A vlog is a blog in the form of a video instead of writing. Youtube vlogs have a significant fan following, and some youngsters have become celebrities of the digital world through these. The vlog can vary from being informative to a live broadcast …

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Detoxification, more commonly known as ‘Detox’ is the means by which any toxins are removed from the body, be it the liver carrying out its natural duties, a cleanser detoxifying the skin or a drink formulated by medicinal companies. With the advancing times, men and women alike are becoming increasingly …

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How to Make Your Skin Less Oily In Summers?

How to make your skin less oily in summers

  Having a healthy, flawless, beautiful skin is a dream of all of us. We idealize celebrities and their super smooth skins like Katrina Kaif, Anushka Sharma, Kareena Kapoor and more, but the fact is their skin is also not flawless, it is the result of right makeup, lighting effects …

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How to Rock Ripped Jeans?

How to rock ripped jeans

Jeans is that one item in our closet that is super comfy and can be styled easily. We all love our jeans so much (that is a fact), and having it ripped from thighs or knees is even better as it gives us a little bit of more edge. Many …

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Arizona, Bonneville – USA

Arizona, USA

Arizona, a state of America, is one of the most famous places in the world. The state offers numerous attractions to its visitors. Vibrant cities, historical settlements, engineering marvels and different museums are usual parts of the state. Undoubtedly, these are the attractions for which people visit the state most. …

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Yellowstone, National Park, Wyoming, USA

Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming, USA

Yellowstone is not only the first national park in the USA but also the first national park in the world. It was established in 1872 by American Congress. The area is usually a hotbed as it is located on top of a volcano. The wilderness of the park is amazing, …

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Crete, Greece – World City Series

Crete, Greece

A land of pristine beaches, bewitching landscapes that thrill all over the romantic cities as well as villages, this is the best way to describe Crete. With sun-soaked beaches, craggy canyons that overflow lining the cliff, cove-carved southern coast, it’s one of the best artistic masterpieces on a page of …

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