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Cappadocia , Turkey – World City Series

Cappadocia, Turkey

Hills aligned in honeycombed shape, a dreamland of some sort, fanciful scenery is brilliantly combined with old pages of history. Cappadocia indeed feels like an illusion with its byzantine architecture and out of the world charm of nature. Located in Turkey, the region is filled with summits, valleys, caves, springs, …

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Pamukkale, Turkey – World City Series

A “castle of cotton” is the meaning of Pamukkale, and it certainly does live up to its name. This dreamy site is all naturally made and is sitting gracefully in Southern Turkey. Hot springs are scattered everywhere. Lots and lots of travertines (carbonated water terraces) decorate the region, adding a …

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Dead Sea – World City Series

Dead Sea

The saltiest sea in the world allows you to simply jump in and float. You could freely sun bathe or simply read a book as you continue to float atop these saline waters without the fear of ever drowning in it. The Dead Sea, as it is called, a high-density …

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Kamchatka and the Kuril Isles, Russia – World City Series

Kamchatka and the Kuril Isles, Russia

Thick clouds camouflaging the natural numinous splendor of Kamchatka, skillfully deceive us for what lay behind the dense fog. Sprinkled with quite a few volcanoes, probably dozens of them, it never fails to intrigue tourists with puffing volcanoes, therapeutic geysers, hot springs, cliffs and yes, bears. The tallest active volcano …

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Lake Baikal,Siberia, Russia – World City Series

Lake Baikal, Siberia, Russia

The deepest blue water around the mightiest of mountain ranges, Lake Baikal, is the largest fresh water lake. The oldest geographical creation of the world is also highest yet deepest lake in Siberia. It was formed roughly 25-30 million years back making it the only fresh water lake that survived …

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Lena Pillars, Yakutia, Russia – World City Series

Lena Pillars, Yakutia, Russia

Lena Pillars: The natural phenomenon-rock formation stands tall around the banks of Lena River (in Yakutia) in Siberia, Russia. These pillars were formed in the sea basins and vary between 150 to 300 meters in height. This site along with its natural park is successfully recognized as a UNESCO World …

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Altai, Siberia, Russia – World City Series

Altai, Siberia, Russia

The well preserved Siberian gem is one of the cleanest and greenest places on our planet. The remoteness of Altai Mountains makes it the least disturbed area by human civilization. Most of the natural reserves of Altai Republic lay here making it one of the most unadulterated areas in the …

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Norwegian Fjords – World City Series

Norwegian Fjords

Known for its stunning visuals, Norway is highlighted by its alluring Fjords with each of them uniquely crafted by nature in their own delightfully distinctive way. Unforgettable experiences with these pretty facades also include water plunging as curtains of waterfalls, snow peaked mountains raised high above the sea.  It was …

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