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Ecuadorian volcanoes Galápagos – World City Series

Ecuadorian Volcanoes

Sitting on a “Ring of fire” of an edge to active tectonic plates, Ecuador is a land of volcanoes. The Galapagos Islands are volcanic islands on the offshore. Two parallel chains of Andes, cross Ecuador- north to south, giving rise to dramatic peaks. This corridor of summits is popularly referred …

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Alaska – USA

Alaska, USA

Being located in the United States, Alaska is one of the most scenic and enchanting places of the country. The place is famous because it is packed with natural landmarks. In fact, the place is a natural heaven. However, these landmarks attract thousands of visitors each day to Alaska. A …

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Nepal and the Himalayas – World City Series

Nepal and Himalayas

Did you know that among 196 countries of the world, Nepal is the single country that does not have a rectangular flag? The Constitution of Nepal has officially issued the exact dimensions of their flag. It symbolizes the strength and aggression of Nepalese warriors as well as the peace loving …

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Scottish Highlands and Islands – World City Series

Scottish Highlands and Islands

Strikingly magnificent mountains and peaks welcome and entice you in the Scottish Highlands. Sun kissed beaches, and misty rains make it all seem surreal. Known for its ancient architectural, artistic gems like cliff castles and chambers of Caithness, it is also known for the deserted fenced areas that were little …

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Normandy Beaches, France – World City Series

Normandy beaches, France

Normandy is not only known for its spectacular grainy beaches but also for Normandy Battle and the D-Day. From one of the grandest beaches in France, Sword Beach, to Normandy American Cemetery, this place has visual appeal as well as historical significance. Sliding through the tiny villages along the sea …

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Greenland – World City Series


Adorned with raw, magnificent scenery, Iceland takes your breath away. From snow capped mountains to larger than life glaciers, from magical lights to impressive fjords, the visually delightful Iceland is a must visit. You could hike, ski, kayak or chose to try your hand at fishing, or simply do it …

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Isfahan, Iran – World City Series

Isfahan, Iran

An assortment of Persian Gardens, a modern day museum city in itself, Isfahan is the most beautiful city in Iran. Vintage bridges, the ones you would see in fictional movies, create surreal backdrops.  Rich in culture, you would see historical imprints in architecture and massive boulevards. Isfahan is known as …

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Baalbek and Byblos, Lebanon – World City Series

Baalbek and Byblos, Lebanon

The old architecture is a contemporary metropolitan ironically bearing a testament to the old world charm. Byblos, in Lebanon, is a quaint town with spectacular hilltop status. Human imprint can be seen in the marvels left behind since 5,000 B.C. Baalbek, on the other hand, exhibits massive columns that represent …

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Rough-Petra, Jordan- Death on the nile – World City Series

Petra, Jordan

Harrison Ford walks alongside Sean Connery, emerging from the famous “Siq” and head towards the “Treasury” in search of “The Holy Grail,” in the famous movie –“Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade.” The sandstone canyon or “Siq” happens to be one of the most awe inspiring wonders of nature, standing …

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