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Health Issues- Healthy Guide For Smokers

It is very obvious that all smokers know the health hazards behind smoking. Yet very few decide to quit smoking forever. To help the stubborn smokers who never want to say bye to smoking we decided to come up with some health advice for their betterment. You should keep in …

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Health Issues- Bring Down Your Blood Sugar

The high levels of blood glucose that are not been transported to the cells and left unchecked result into diabetes. Blood sugar level plays a vital role when talking about staying healthy. Sugar level that is not in the normal ranges may bring harm to the body organs, decrease the …

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Health Issues- Source of Proteins

There are three essentials of our body requirement i.e. proteins, carbohydrates, and essential fats. To fulfill the protein, we need 20 amino acids, most of which are manufactured naturally in our body while some of them need to be taken in our daily food intake. There are two sources of …

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Read About Tesla’s Self- Driving Cars

What comes to your mind if you hear the word “autopilot”? Let me guess. Did an airplane flying or landing on its own appear in your mind? Yes, mine too. The word autopilot has been describing self- driving aerial vehicles for more or less 70 years now and hence, they’ve …

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