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World Sports Leagues

Sports are the social interactive activity which promotes good relationships and the globalization among the countries. It is not the entertainment for the public but also has a strong link with the economy, even for an individual, Sports is a socialized and healthy activity adopted as a passion or a …

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Why everyone should be a Sports Man.

The vitality of sports for mental and physical growth can hardly be overestimated. It integrates confidence, physical and mental strength, teamwork and competency. While the matches of football, cricket, badminton, table tennis etc. are a source of entertainment to spectators, they are much more to the players. Sports are not …

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Security concerns in Lahore regarding the PSL Final.

    The security has been the need of time in Lahore when finally the PSL final is about to start. The locals and all nation are threatened through the last bomb blast happened in the Lahore a few weeks ago and overall deteriorated situation of Pakistan. The blast took …

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Cricket in Pakistan and Pakistan Super League

    For the people of Pakistan cricket is always been like blood in veins, Pakistan team has faced ups and downs in the history of cricket. Pakistani team had the awesome time when they had legends with them, like Hanif Muhammad, Javeed Miadad, Zaheer Abbas, Imran Khan, king of …

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Miraculous facts of Aloe Vera

  Aloe Vera is known as the “immortal plant” from the ancient times. The reason for this name must be due to its survival in the wild environment. It contains 96% water components in its leaves that’s why it can live in the dried atmosphere. It contains unique properties of …

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What to wear on a business meeting

  You might think that prepping for a meeting and that carefully designing your notes, presentation and having a grip on the content you’re going to discuss is the most important part of a business meeting. Yes, that is correct! But did you know that such preparation matters only 40% …

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