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Hover Bike Allows Amateurs to Surf Through the Air/ Drones and hover bikes – will they begin the era of air traffic?

  For a few years now, drones have become quite common. Ranging from drone selfie cameras to kid’s toys; they are now available in all types of shapes, sizes, and purposes to fulfill. Originating from ‘quadcopters’, drones have changed several outlooks and configurations, they have finally inspired engineers to come …

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500 Words Series- Health- Boost Your Immunity – Fruits

We usually eat fruits for their pleasant refreshing tastes and made a mistake by not adding them to our daily meals. Most of us people do not know the actual benefits of fruits. They play an essential role in maintaining our health. Fruits are the immediate source of glucose, they …

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Dear Men, Care for your Hair!

Dear men, as much as you care for your cars and treat them as queens, your hair needs special care and attention also. It’s not only women who have bad hair days but also men. Healthy looking hair is a great part that makes you look attractive. The maintenance of …

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How Yogurt Helps in Bowel Health

Yogurt is a dairy product that is originated from some bacterial action on milk which makes it curdled. It contains various nutritional benefits of calcium, magnesium, potassium, vitamin D, A and E. In addition to this yogurt contains probiotics which help to strengthen the immune system and aid in destroying …

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List of Best Shoes for Working Ladies

  A working woman will always look after herself better, they are more conscious about their appearances because of the social circle they have to stay in and to keep up with the professional world. However, sometimes it becomes quite difficult to choose what look should one carry to the …

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