Mr. Muhammad Tayyab (Pakistan)
I have established myself as a Versatile Writer who offers content solutions effectively and efficiently. I provide services such as Web Content Writing, Blog Post, E-Book, Guide Book, Tutorials, IT & Technology related topics with 100% unique content.
Follow me for more updates at @P_world16 or I can be reached directly here. Thanks

Miss Arzoona Khalid (Pakistan)
A keen observer, blogger, and writer by hobby and social media expert by profession, Arzoona Khalid is a successful young entrepreneur who has completed her MS in Media Studies. She writes about entrepreneurship, lifestyles, psychology, and careers.
She tweets at @ArzoonaK

Miss Aliya Khalid (Pakistan)
The writer, 22, is an engineer by profession. Having an intense passion for literature, she loves to read and write. She likes sharing her knowledge in diverse themes such as travel destinations, technology, science, arts, and history through several published articles at different platforms. She loves spending time writing, as she sips her evening cup of tea.

She can be found at Aliya Khalid

Mr. Adeleye Kunle (Nigeria)
Adeleye Kunle is a freelance writer with many years of experiences. Aside from freelancing, he is a media and entrepreneurship consultant with success stories traceable to him. He has participated in many writing contests both national and international competitions. He can be reached out at adeleye.kunle.52

Miss Malika Monga (India)


Travel Journalist and Writer

Accolades and Involvements National Association of Travel Writers

Work Experience: 5+ years

  • Currently working with Tourism Boards- Incredible India and Travel Writers Guild.
  • Also working with Tourism boards of different states- Delhi, Maharashtra, Goa, and Punjab.
  • Also working with commercial travel brands as a Travel Journalist/Writer.
  • Project head for art, culture and heritage magazine- Photography.
  • Formally employed with Travel Secrets Magazine.
  • Formally collaborated with Monaco Tourism Board, Sri Lanka Tourism Board.


  • Created pages with detailed, accurate, timely and up-to-date information about travel destinations.
  • Wrote background and interesting features of various countries.
  • Researched on new destinations, hotels, things to do and developed travel tips.
  • Checked details of new pages or articles added to ensure accuracy.
  • Responsible for training new staff and other freelance writers.
  • Contributed ideas during meetings to enhance content and layout.

The writer can be contacted through the website Contact page.

Mr. Fahim Khondokar (Bangladesh)

Having a great passion for writing, I am proud to have been published as an educational writer, content writer, and ghost writer. After completing my graduation in English Literature, I could not move to any other field except writing. In fact, writing is eternal bliss to me. It is a great pleasure for me to inform you that I have published a book of poetry and currently I am completing my second novel. However, I excel at writing with a flexible voice and style. And I am pleased to assist you in your writing project whatever it may be.

The writer can be contacted through the website Contact page.




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